Sunday, April 18, 2010


Hello! Quick post, nothing too substantial, sorry. Year is busy and excellent so far, looking to get busier and excellent-er!
Had a cold for about a month, got a new tire for my poor, vandalised bike, ate delicious pie, caught some kookaburras, made new friends, had a brilliant time at Bluesfest, broke my bed, got some essays in on time, and am making a film with Ashleigh Beevers and Sara Fonseca!!!

Got a delightful book of Muybridge's animal motion photographs from the library, and started animating a horse - turns out, I'm pretty crap at drawing horses! So I thought I'd do a study of one of the photographs. It's not quite right yet.
(pikachu's in there because I realised that one of the reasons it looked off was that the horse was having his head pulled unnaturally back by his rider. Have chosen a jockeyless image for the next one.)

This is a WIP,

Aaand some (oldish) concepts for the third-year film! OHOHO. We're nearly done the (3rd-ish draft) animatic and starting to quail at some of the shots we've set for ourselves but WE CAN DO IT AND WE WILL DO IT.


Take care!!!
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