Monday, June 21, 2010


Semester one of third year complete, we're now into our 'holiday'! Really it's just a few weeks when we're excused from classes in order to get down to actually making our films, but hey, we need that!

In the first week of holiday I got the chance to work on an educational film about intensive farming - which involved designing a character and 2 minutes of lipsync. Time cuts and misunderstandings made it a pretty stressful experience, but I got a lot out of the project! (Not least the lipsync practise, which I definitely needed..) And the client was very happy, which is always good!!

I am taking a break now before starting film work - up top is a bird I drew today to relax. He's drinking a turkish coffee. His eyebrows grow naturally into fist shapes.

..You know that feeling you get upon finishing a project that, knowing what you NOW know, you could've completed the same project in a smaller timeframe and to a higher quality?

It's a bit disheartening when you're looking back on something, with no time left to change it, wishing you'd done it better -
I suppose it's actually a very positive thing, because it means you're learning!!


If I ever DON'T feel like that, THEN I'll start to freak out!
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